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Bitgert Might Be The Next Cardano – Crypto Community Says



Bitgert Might Be The Next Cardano – Crypto Community Says

Like Cardano, Bitgert has built the most powerful blockchain today

Key Points

Bitgert is a high utility project

Bitgert ecosystem has the fastest growth

BRC20 is the first gasless blockchain

Since Bitgert (BRISE) launched 9 months ago, it has been attracting the crypto community’s attention with its massive utility. Bitgert is one of the high utility projects, and this is evident from its roadmaps. The Bitgert project has also been attracting a lot of attention because of the fast-growing blockchain ecosystem.

These are two major reasons why Bitgert growth is even outperforming the largest cryptocurrencies in the market. In fact, the crypto community has been saying that Bitgert might be the next Cardano because of the speed at which the team is developing this project.

Cardano rose to popularity after developing the fastest and the lowest gas fee blockchain in 2017. The Cardano team also built one of the most powerful ecosystems, especially the Cardano DeFi ecosystem. That’s what skyrocketed Cardano’s price to the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies.

These are the same steps Bitgert has followed. Like Cardano, Bitgert has built the most powerful blockchain today. BRC20 blockchain has the lowest gas fee and is the fastest blockchain today. That’s why the Bitgert chain has the highest adoption, bigger than Cardano.

Though the Cardano ecosystem grew faster after the Alonso Hard Fork launch, the Bitgert ecosystem is growing faster. In fact, the Bitgert ecosystem is expected to surpass Cardano in the next few months. Bitgert is building a huge number of products and adding hundreds of projects through its Startup Studio.

The Bitgert roadmap V2 has all the DeFi, NFT, and Web3 products that the Bitgert team will be building in the next few months. The number of Bitgert Startup Studio projects is 1000+ and will be added in the next 365 days. With such a gigantic and fast-growing ecosystem and highly disruptive products, Bitgert has the potential to be the next Cardano.




Though all signs show that Cardano might be surpassed by Bitgert, the Cardano team is working on this project too. The Cardano DeFi ecosystem is growing bigger. That’s why Cardano TVL did so well in Q1 2022. The Cardano team is also working on Vasil Hard Fork, which will make the Cardano project more competitive against Bitgert. The Cardano Hydra upgrade is projected to make the Cardano chain faster and cheaper.

In conclusion, Bitgert is growing fast and has the potential to be the next big cryptocurrency. As the crypto community says, Bitgert might be the next Cardano. With the most powerful blockchain and the fastest-growing ecosystem, Bitgert has everything to be the next Cardano.


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