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Jidu Robo-1

Jidu Robo-1 Shows Why Baidu Can Take Over Tesla In 2030



Jidu Robo-1 Shows Why Baidu Can Take Over Tesla In 2030

Jidu Robo-1is posing serious threats to Tesla’s market dominance in the near future

The sale of electric vehicles grew massively within the years 2021 to 2022. Several automotive dealers are coming up with distinct types of cars with extravagant features that are attracting loads of car enthusiasts. Currently, Tesla is one of the largest and the most well-known producers of electric vehicles on a global basis, but according to experts, soon Tesla will be overshadowed by Baidu. The company’s new Jidu Robo-1 electric vehicle, which is also co-founded by Chinese automaker Geely is making huge strides in the automotive sector.  Experts believe that the collaboration with Geely would offer the Chinese automotive sector to revel in the global industry.

Tu Le, the managing director of Sino Auto Insights, an analyst firm that focuses on the Chinese automotive industry has claimed that China’s auto industry is electrifying at an exponential pace that neither the American nor the European companies can conduct because of the various government policies.

The Robo-1 demonstrates how great, innovative, and fast-moving China’s auto industry is. Joe Xia, the CEO of the joint venture said that the joint venture was established almost a year ago after Baidu and Geely agreed to the partnership. The CEO also said, while demonstrating the prototype of Jidu’s first vehicle that the dashboard has been replaced with a long screen that spans the front of the car, and they have also removed the cockpit buttons because the driver can utilize voice control instead! Jidu has claimed that the final model of the Robo-1 will be 90% identical to the one that was being demonstrated in Beijing, but the team has not made a full disclosure on the other changes that will undergo.

Now, will all these features, it seems like Tesla might be having a hard time competing with Baidu’s Jidu Robo-1. With the current controversies rolling around with Tesla’s security issues, Baidu might have a high chance to dominate the electric vehicle domain. 

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