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Top 10 Boston Robotics Companies To Be Aware Of In 2022



Top 10 Boston Robotics Companies To Be Aware Of In 2022

Leverage different robots from these Boston robotics companies to drive productivity

Robots are in the global tech market to transform multiple industries with the integration of robotics and artificial intelligence in the form of RPA. Boston robotics companies are gaining high popularity for being the hub of robots across the world. Boston robotics is thriving for constant innovations with robots for industries such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, agriculture, and many more. RPA is providing a plethora of opportunities to tech companies to work on different features of robots. Let’s explore some of the top ten Boston robotics companies that are transforming robots in 2022 for better productivity and higher revenue.


Top ten Boston robotics companies in 2022
Harvest Automation

Harvest Automation is one of the top Boston robotics companies producing mobile robots for industrial productivity. These robots are integrated with flexible systems for serial handling and data management in multiple industrial environments. RPA and artificial intelligence have implemented multiple useful features for managing tasks in outdoor environments with minimal training for effective productivity.


RightHand Robotics

RightHand Robotics is one of the popular Boston robotics companies with piece-picking solutions for predictable order fulfillment with multiple robots. The company is known for combining advanced artificial intelligence software, RPA, machine vision, and intelligent grippers for seamless integrations.



iRobot is focused on producing a Roomba i3+ robot vacuum to have popular and advanced mopping robots with multiple features. This Boston robotics company is focused on taking care of a family by building robots that can make a difference in this global tech market. It uses its state-of-the-art Ava mobile robotics platform to bring new solutions to new markets.


Sea Machines Robotics

Sea Machines Robotics is providing the next-gen of vessel intelligence with RPA and artificial intelligence. It is known for unlocking the potential of oceans through revolutionary technology and top-notch products. The robots are increasing productivity and reducing operational risk on the water.



Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics is one of the leading robotics companies that is changing the idea of what robots can do across the globe. It has produced some of the top robots with RPA and artificial intelligence such as Spot, Atlas, and many more. It provides robotics solutions for inspection, construction, manufacturing, warehouse automation, and power and utilities.


Perceptive Automata

Perceptive Automata is known for its robots that can understand people with RPA and artificial intelligence. These advanced robots can understand the intentions of pedestrians and other road users with the ground-breaking State of Mind AI (SOMAI) technology to transform the global tech market.


Veo Robotics

Veo Robotics is one of the well-known Boston robotics companies for responsive machines for flexible factories to transform human-robot collaboration. It provides FreeMove as a comprehensive 3D safeguarding solution to reduce the cost of the collaboration from the workcell to the entire factory.



Neurala is focused on Vision AI for robots with brain builder custom vision AI enable less expensive robotics applications. Companies can train AI solutions after uploading and tagging relevant data as well as improve performance with meaningful insights. It has allowed thousands of robots to navigate difficult terrain and rapidly learn new objects with RPA.



Artaic is one of the best Boston robotics companies by leveraging innovative robotics technology like RPA in the field of architecture. It applies cutting-edge technologies to create beautiful tile installations and fabricate architecturally significant mosaics solutions.



Vecna Robotics

Vecna Robotics is one of the popular autonomous mobile robot companies helping in the distribution, warehousing, as well as manufacturing organizations streamline materials handling and logistics operations. It offers self-driving industrial vehicles offering the payload capacity of automated guided vehicles with multi-sensor fusion and top-notch safety systems for robots.


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