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University of Calgary Wholly Funded Scholarship in Canada 2021/2022



University of Calgary is known to offer a wide range of financial aid to international students in the form of scholarships, awards, bursaries, and work-study programs. The institution is among top Canadian universities that provide financial assistance to incoming as well continuing students.

The University of Calgary Scholarships are awarded both on the basis of academic achievements and financial needs, yet a few general eligibility criteria for UCalgary Scholarships are to be kept in mind while applying for a scholarship:

Scholarships require a minimum GPA of 3.2 .

For bursaries, the minimum GPA required is 2.60.


Other selection criteria include extracurricular activities, leadership, volunteerism, etc.

Completion of the on-line awards application within the deadline specified.

Often candidates are recommended by the faculty or departme


Students must keep in mind that supplemental exams, deferred exams, and special deferred exams or term work may affect their eligibility for awards.


For the ease of the students, the University of Calgary also provides an award search tool to find suitable funding options. It also provides students with the requirements and guidelines for the eligible scholarship programs.

University of Calgary Scholarships/Awards for Bachelor Programs

The University of Calgary is now supporting the education of international students through its exciting International Undergraduate Scholarship, Awards, and Bursaries.Students entering the first year of any undergraduate degree in the upcoming fall term are invited to apply for the scheme. These scholarships are designed to recognize the hard work and academic achievements of students.

UCalgary Scholarships: Eligibility Criteria for UG Students

International students must be a registered full-time in an undergraduate degree program.


Entering on Canadian student visa (Study Permit).

Enrolling for the upcoming Fall term

Minimum GPA of 2.6.

Over 24 units in previous Fall and Winter terms

Satisfy the university’s English Language Proficiency requirement.


UCalgary Scholarships: Application Process for UG Students

The application process for scholarships is easy. Students just need to submit the application for each available awards competition and they will be considered for all the awards you are eligible for. The general steps to follow is as follows:

Access My UCalgary Via (Central Authentication Service).

In My UCalgary, click on the “My Financials” page.

Scroll down to the Awards & Scholarships section, and click on any desired award program.


Please ensure popups are enabled. If pop-ups are blocked the page will not display.

A pop-up window will open on your screen with any open applications or ones that recently closed.

Please pay attention to the ‘Application Available’ and ‘Application Deadline’ dates.

Eligibility criteria and application requirements may vary depending on different awards, so students are requested to kindly be sure to read the details of each award c

arefully before applying.


University of Calgary Bursaries for Bachelor Programs

The University of Calgary Bursaries is designed to help students with demonstrated financial need. The bursary programs are funded by tuition fees paid by undergraduate, professional program and graduate students.

The UCalgary Bursary is for all full-time students: undergraduate students, professional students, and graduate students meeting the academic requirements:


GPA of at least 2.00

18 units completed of fall and winter

Admission average of at least 65%.

For graduates must be in good standing as defined by their Faculty

The amount awarded will be determined based on the amount of financial need. Bursary payments will be made to the applicant’s bank account directly.


University of Calgary Scholarships for Continuing International Undergraduate Students

The University of Calgary offers both competitive and nominated awards to international students continuing their studies in programs leading to a Bachelor’s degree.

To receive the award payment, students must maintain full-time enrollment with a minimum of 18 units throughout the upcoming fall and winter terms at the University of Calgary. Scholarships require a minimum GPA of 3.20. For bursaries, the minimum GPA required is 2.60.

The value of the award is applied directly to applicant’s tuition and fees. In most cases, award payments are split equally between the fall and the winter terms. Any remaining award funds are paid to the applicant’s by direct deposit on October 25 for the fall term and on February 25 for the winter term. These excess award funds are referred to as “Payout of Scholarship Refunds



University of Calgary Scholarships for Masters/Doctoral Programs

University of Calgary Postgraduate Scholarships from a variety of sources, including private donors and the Government of Canada, is available to international and domestic graduate students.

The purpose of these scholarships is to provide for fair distribution of university-wide competitive academic awards among eligible graduate students while maintaining graduate programs’ autonomy in the allocation of Program Recommended awards.

To provide for fair distribution of University of Calgary academic competitive awards, the maximum amount a student can hold at any given time is:

Master’s: 20,500 CAD


Doctoral: 26,000 CAD

Students may hold one single award that exceeds the limit. Students holding the maximum amount or less may also receive one additional Program Recommended award unless otherwise specified by the award terms of reference.

University of Calgary External Awards & Scholarships

The University of Calgary provides many options for External Awards and Scholarships. External awards are available from many sources and have a variety of criteria and deadlines. Payments for the External Awards are made either directly from UCalgary or directly to you from Alberta Student Aid.

These external scholarships are available to both undergraduate and postgraduate-level students, however, students need to apply separately for them after going through the eligibility criteria.


Students applying for External Awards can also look for some additional places for funding. Clubs, associations, and organizations often provide educational funding to their members and dependents.

The University of Calgary provides a wide range of scholarships and awards to all its entering and continuing students. The value of the scholarships is applied directly to the applicant’s tuition and fees. In most cases, award payments are split equally between the fall and the winter terms.

Any remaining award funds are paid by direct deposit on October 25 for the fall term and on February 25 for the winter term. These excess award funds are referred to as “Payout of Scholarship Refunds.”

Students must keep in mind that the eligibility criteria, the application process, and selection criteria are different for different scholarships. Hence, it is important for students to verify the same before applying for any scholarship.University of Calgary Graduate Award CompetitionAlso there is a special Graduate Award Scholarship by the University of Calgary in Canada, amounting to about $1000-$4000 for international students. You can also apply for that grant by clicking the link below

How to apply


Having taken note of the different Scholarship Programs, Awards  and Grant by the University of Calgary, we’d advise you forward your application by applying for the scholarship grants that suits

your profile


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