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Fully Funded Generation Google Scholarship For Nigerians in USA 2022/23

Fully Funded Generation Google Scholarship For Nigerians in USA 2022/23



The Generation Google Scholarship For international students is a one time opportunity for qualified students who have plans to study abroad with the best minds in the US.

The Generation Google Scholarship was created to assist students seeking computer science degrees in excelling in the profession and becoming leaders. For the 2022-2023 school year, selected students will earn $10,000 USD (for students studying in the United States) or $5,000 CAD (for students studying in Canada).

The Generation Google Scholarship will be given based on the strength of each candidate’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, demonstrated leadership, and academic excellence.


Students who meet all of the program’s minimum requirements are strongly encouraged to apply

Especially those who identify with historically underrepresented groups in the technology industry, such as women, Africans, black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, American Indian, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and more.

For the 2022/23 academic year, applicants are not required to be enrolled in an Associates, Bachelors, Masters, or PhD program if you consist or are applicants of one of the Google Scholarships listed below:

Generation Google Scholarship, Generation Google Scholarship: for women in gaming, Generation Google Scholarship: for supply chain and fulfillment, Google Lime Scholarship, Google Student Veterans of America Scholarship, Women Techmakers Scholarship for Computer Science, and Women Techmakers Scholarship for Gaming are not eligible to reapply.


Who is eligible to apply?

  1. Applicants must meet the following requirements in order to be considered:
  2. For the 2022-2023 academic year, intend to enroll in or be accepted as a full-time student in a Bachelors, Masters, or PhD program at an approved institution or college in the United States or Canada.
  3. Be pursuing a degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a technical field closely connected to it.
  4. Show that you have a strong academic record.
  5. Demonstrate that you have a financial necessity.
  6. Demonstrate leadership and a commitment to enhancing marginalized groups’ representation in computer science and technology.

The procedure for submitting an application for the Generation Google Scholarship For Nigerians in USA 2022/23

You will be required to fill out an online application that includes the following information:

  1. Background information in general (e.g. contact information and details about your current and intended universities)
  2. Information about the family and the home
  3. Resume/CV
  4. Academic transcripts from both your current and previous colleges (if you are presently enrolled) (if you have earned a prior degree)
  5. Answers to three essay questions with short answers
  6. Recipients will be chosen based on the overall strength of their essays and application materials in comparison to the rest of the candidate pool or their academic contemporaries (e.g. high school students compared to other high school students).

Essay Questions:
The three short answer essay questions below are intended to assess your demonstrated leadership, commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and financial need. Each response to the three questions below should be 500 words or less.

1) Please give us one example of how you have exhibited leadership. Explain what you were trying to achieve, your role, how you influenced others, and the impact as a result of your actions. Think broadly and examine the many ways you are having an effect on the members of the different communities you are a part of. Keep in mind, the example you choose does not need to be a formal or traditional leadership role.

2) What is a significant challenge that impacts historically excluded groups in the field of technology and what do you believe is the root cause of this challenge? What actions have you taken to address this challenge? Keep in mind that impact can happen in many ways and at different scales. Please focus at least half of your response on the actions you have taken.


3) Describe any financial circumstances affecting your need for a scholarship. In your answer be sure to describe any obstacles you have overcome to get to where you are today. What goals will this scholarship enable you to accomplish?

IMPORTANT: Before starting the application, please have the following ready for upload:

  1. PDF copy of your resume (if applicable, please include leadership positions, extracurricular activities, and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts on your resume)
  2. PDF copy of your current or most recent transcript (unofficial is acceptable)
  3. PDF copy of your three short answer responses

Terms and Condition

Tuition, fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for the students’ classes at their primary university must be paid with the Generation Google Scholarship award.

Scholarship recipients must be full-time students for the academic year 2022-2023.


Before the winners are chosen, their enrollment will be verified, and all scholarship payments will be delivered directly to the student to be used for tuition and other educational expenditures.

A parent or guardian must sign these scholarship award terms and conditions if the student is under the age of 18 at the time of acceptance.

Any scholar who no longer fulfills the eligibility conditions will have their award withheld, and any scholar who does not maintain the eligibility requirements will have their award revoked.

Google will send instructions on how to get the honor to those who have been chosen.


If these steps are not completed by the deadline, awardees will be disqualified from earning the award.

On a case-by-case basis, recipients may defer their award for up to one (1) year from the time of initially planned payment, as determined by Google.

Employees at Google are not eligible for Google scholarships.

This scholarship is not open to anyone who are (1) inhabitants of embargoed countries, (2) normally residing in embargoed countries, or (3) otherwise restricted by relevant export controls and sanctions programs.


Application deadline: Application deadline was not specified, so its important you apply as soon as possible

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for further information. Please send an email to if you have any special questions.

We’re pleased to answer any questions on the Generation Google Scholarship, but we won’t be able to answer any other questions.

Spam, barrage messages, or messages that are primarily offensive or exploitative in nature will not be responded to.


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Australia Scholarships

Loughborough University Deans Award For Enterprise Scholarship In The UK For 2022/2023 – Latest Scholarships



Loughborough University Deans Award For Enterprise Scholarship In The UK For 2022/2023 – Latest Scholarships

The Deans Award for Enterprise Scholarship offers successful candidates 90% towards the full cost of tuition fees for any full-time master’s program at Loughborough University London.

This scholarship is designed to promote our entrepreneurially minded applicants to create an innovative business idea to receive a 90% tuition fee scholarship. 

With the package of help and activities on offer all through the year from our careers and employability team and the Loughoughborough Enterprise Network, successful scholarship awardees will also have access to the Loughborough Enterprise Network (LEN) Start-up Fund, bookable business advice sessions with our Entrepreneur in Residence, and will be urged to contend with the pre-accelerator program, FFWD.


Loughborough University is a public research university in the market town of Loughborough, Leicestershire, England. It has been a university since 1966, but it dates back to 1909 when Loughborough Technical Institute started with a focus on skills directly applicable in the wider world. 

In March 2013, the university declared it had bought the former broadcast center at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as a second campus. It belonged to the 1994 Group of smaller research universities until the group disbanded in November 2013. 

Loughborough University’s annual income for 2020–2021 was £308.9 million, of which £35.5 million was from research grants and contracts. The university is in the top 7 in every UK university league table and top in its region.

However, the university was named University of the Year in 2019 by The Times. In 2020, Loughborough University was awarded the University of the Year by the WhatUni Student Choice Awards (WUSCAs).


Moreover, this was decided by over 41,000 student reviews from more than 150 higher education institutions. Loughborough University traces its roots back to 1909 when a Technical Institute was established in the town center. 

Furthermore, there followed a period of rapid expansion, during which it was renamed Loughborough College and the development of the present campus began.

In the early years, efforts were made to simulate the environment of an Oxbridge college (e.g. students wore gowns to lectures) whilst maintaining a strong practical corrective to academic learning. 

Furthermore, during World War I, it served as an “instructional factory”, training workers for the munitions industry.


Worth of the Scholarship:

The Deans Award for Enterprise Scholarship is designed to enable our entrepreneurially minded applicants to develop an innovative business idea to receive a 90% tuition fee scholarship.

Eligibility for Deans Award for Enterprise Scholarship

To be qualified to apply for the Deans Award for Enterprise Scholarship, you must be an applicant to a Loughborough University London Postgraduate program with a conditional/unconditional offer to study a full-time master’s program at Loughborough University London. Note that applications for this scholarship dates for 2022 entry will be added when they have been approved.

How to Apply for the Deans Award for Enterprise Scholarship

If you are interested and qualified for the Deans Award for Enterprise Scholarship, apply here.

The panel is looking for candidates with ambitious minds and innovative ideas. It welcomes applications from individuals who are determined to contribute to society. 


Applicants should demonstrate a full understanding of the costs involved in postgraduate study and outline why they have a strong motivation to study in your program. You should also display that you have the initiative to be able to secure funds to cover the remaining tuition fee and other associated costs. Shortlisted candidates will be asked to complete a short video interview.

The eans Award for Enterprise Scholarship will replace any other Loughborough University scholarships or bursaries that may already have been awarded to the successful candidates and is open to offering holders with Loughborough University London only.

For more inquiries, visit here.

Application Deadline: July 31, 2022

Not interested in this particular scholarship? See other UK scholarships here


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Flinders University Lesley Shorne Memorial Scholarship In Australia For 2022/2023 – Latest Scholarships



Flinders University Lesley Shorne Memorial Scholarship In Australia For 2022/2023 – Latest Scholarships

The Lesley Shorne Memorial Scholarship was founded in 2011. The Scholarship will identify and support a mature age woman starting a Doctor of Medicine in a Commonwealth-supported place at Flinders University.

The Lesley Shorne Memorial Scholarship seeks to support a woman who has a displayed commitment to enhancing the well-being of women through their involvement as a volunteer, through work or study in the areas of Health, Education Safety, Social Justice, Poverty, or Advocacy.

The Lesley Shorne Scholar will be anticipated to attend an annual event and will have opportunities to partake in a network associated with the Lesley Shorne Scholars.


About University

Flinders University’s main campus is in the Adelaide inner southern suburb of Bedford Park, about 12 km south of the Adelaide city center. The university has a presence in Victoria Square in the center of the city, and Tonsley.

The university maintains several external teaching facilities in regional South Australia, southwest Victoria, and the Northern Territory. As of 2020, international students made up 19.5% of the on-campus student population and some offshore programs are also offered, mainly in the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2015, Flinders University opened a new campus at Tonsley, the former site of the Mitsubishi Motors Australia plant in Southern Adelaide. This campus shelters the university’s School of Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics, along with the Medical Device Research Institute, the Centre for Nanoscale Science and Technology (now known as the Flinders Institute for Nanoscale Science & Technology), and Flinders technology start-up company Re-Timer.

In 2016, Flinders University celebrated its 50th anniversary with a calendar of public events, and a publication, summarising the highlights of the university’s history, research, and alumni accomplishments over the last 50 years.


That same year was the opening of the award-winning student hub and plaza, changing the central campus. On 1 July 2017, Flinders University restructured from a two-tier academic system of four faculties and 14 schools to a single-tier structure consisting of six colleges.

Flinders University’s strategic plan Making a Difference – The 2025 Agenda released in 2016 set an ambitious vision for the coming decade for Flinders to reach the top ten of Australian Universities, and the top one percent in the world.

In 2019, Flinders University declared an additional $100 million investment in research and a further $100 million in education over five years to support it to meet its strategic objectives.

The university declared plans in 2019 for a significant development on a tract of land on the northern portion of the Bedford Park Campus adjacent to the Flinders hospitals precinct. 


However, known as Flinders Village it contains research facilities, student accommodation, commercial premises, and amenities. The catalyst for the initiative was the extension of the Clovelly Park rail line to the Flinders precinct. 

Furthermore, the $141m rail line and Flinders Station project started operation in December 2020. Stage one of the Flinders Village development is the construction of a Health and Medical Research Building, scheduled to begin in December 2021, which will be home to Flinders Health and Medical Research Institute.

Benefits of the Scholarship

All successful applicants will receive Lesley Shorne Memorial Scholarship worth $1000 annually for up to 4 years.

Requirements for Lesley Shorne Memorial Scholarship

Applicants for the Lesley Shorne Memorial Scholarship must:


  • be enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place in the Doctor of Medicine at Flinders University
  • be a woman of at least 25 years of age on 1 January of the year the Scholarship is to be awarded
  • be able to display a commitment to enhancing women’s well-being in distinct areas such as Health, Education Safety, Social Justice, Poverty, or Advocacy 
  • not receive any other important award or Scholarship related to their program of study.

Interview date, Process, and Venue for the scholarship

The Lesley Shorne Memorial Scholarship will be awarded based on:

  • demonstrated dedication to women’s health and well-being;
  • financial need and/or example of an impediment overcome to start or continue with their studies

Note that all applications considered eligible will be evaluated against these criteria by a panel consisting of representatives from the College of Medicine and Public Health and the family of Dr. Lesley Shorne.

How to Apply for Lesley Shorne Memorial Scholarship

Applications for Lesley Shorne Memorial Scholarship should be submitted online through the Flinders University Student System by the stipulated closing date. Candidates will need to log in and navigate to the My Scholarships tab to apply. The application form for this scholarship is called “Lesley Shorne Memorial Scholarship”, or you can search for it by the keyword “Shorne”.

For further details, visit the Flinders University website.

The Application Deadline for the Scholarship is July 8, 2022.

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Masters Scholarships

Oxford University Scholarship In United Kingdom 2022



Oxford University Scholarship In United Kingdom 2022

We are presenting you with the top university scholarship, the Oxford scholarship 2021. The applicants worldwide who deems for the Oxford University have no chance to apply for the Oxford Scholarship 2021. Luckily the scholarship is available now. Furthermore, the oxford scholarship is fully funded for the master’s degree program and doctoral degree program. 

Many students wish to study in the UK. So it is a vital opportunity for them to apply to the most prestigious university and its Oxford scholarship. The scholarship provides every facility, including a 15000 pounds stipend per annum. The duration of a Master’s is one year, while for a Ph.D., it is two years. In fact, The best news about this scholarship is that you will have a two-year residency after completing your studies. 

Every year many students from around the world go to Oxford University. Moreover, the Clarendon scholarship is also there. So if you apply for the oxford scholarship, you will be considered for the Clarendon scholarship as well. Every field is available at oxford university, so there is a chance to get the best education through the oxford scholarship at oxford university. Do not go anywhere. There are more to come about the oxford scholarship. 


Also, Read: Mitacs Global Research Internship.

Regarding the University:

Oxford University is the most renowned university in the world. Every student in the world wishes to study at oxford university. There is actually don’t have any words to describe it. It is situated in the united kingdom. They offer many scholarships for highly deserving students. You can be one of them through an oxford university scholarship. 

Details of the Scholarship:

  • Country of Scholarship: United Kingdom
  • University/institution: Oxford university united kingdom
  • Financial Status: Fully Funded
  • Level/field of Study: Master Degree And PhD
  • Last Date to Apply: 22nd January 2022

Fields Offered:

The Clarendon scholarship offers different and almost every field. So To check out the list of them, please click here on the link. It will get you the list of fields provided. 

For Oxford University scholarship following are the fields offered for it. 

  • Department for Continuing 
  • EducationHumanities Division
  • Medical Sciences Division
  • Social Sciences Division
  • Mathematical, Physical, and Life Sciences Division

Eligibility Criteria:

Following are the eligibility criteria for the oxford university scholarship.

Must have a Bachelors degree for the master


Must have Master degree to pursue PhD

The English language is required

There are different requirements for different courses. To check the condition, please click here on the link to read it. 

Last Date To Apply:

The last date of the Oxford university scholarship is 22 January 2022.


How To Apply:

The requirement for filling out the application is easy. Just go to the official website, open the application and start filling it. Each category is related to yourself and your educational history. There will also be a statement that you have to write. Furthermore, click here on the link for the application. 


This scholarship is an excellent opportunity for all those students who dream of studying in the UK. In fact, the Oxford university scholarship is the best of them. So without wasting any time, please apply now to get the best opportunity in it. 


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