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Cardano plans 2 developer events before next hardfork



Cardano plans 2 developer events before next hardfork

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Retail investors interest in Cardano has risen by around 190% within the last 30 days.

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Updated: May 6, 2022 at 3:04 pm

Cover art/illustration via CryptoSlate

Cardano (ADA) will hold two developer events in Barcelona and Austin within the next couple of weeks before it commences its hard fork in June. The Vice President of IOHK, Tim Harrison, announced this on Twitter. 

We’re hosting two #Cardano developer events between end of May and mid June, in Barcelona (focus on audit and certification) and Austin, Tx (focus on Plutus plus some Marlowe) respectively. If you are #buildingonCardano and want to get involved, @benohanlon is your man 👍

— Tim Harrison (@timbharrison) May 5, 2022


Cardano developer events

The Barcelona event will focus on certification and audit and will be held by the end of May. And the next one in Austin will focus on Marlowe and Plutus and will be in the middle of June.

Marlowe is one of the programming languages on Cardano and is used for developing and executing financial contracts. On the other hand, Plutus is a smart contract platform based on Cardano.

Upcoming Cardano improvement proposals

By June 29, Cardano will have its Vasil hard fork, which is expected to improve the network and its smart contract capabilities. Already, IOHK has outlined Cardano improvement proposals (CIPs) coming with the hard fork.

CIPs coming with June’s HF:

CIPs (Cardano Improvement Proposals) present new features to the #Cardano network that are key to bettering our blockchain

The upcoming HF introduces:

CIP-31: Reference Inputs

CIP-32: Inline Datums

CIP-33: Reference Scripts

CIP-40: Collateral Outputs

— Input Output (@InputOutputHK) May 2, 2022

Users can expect four improvements which are CIP-31 (Reference Inputs), CIP-32 (Inline Datums), CIP-33 (Reference Scripts ), and CIP-40 (Collateral Outputs). According to IOHK, these CIPs provide new features to improve the network.

Inline Datums will allow storing data on-chain rather than just storing a hash of it. 

This provides a more convenient architecture where devs don’t have to include the data when interacting with the script.

Reference Scripts will make transactions cheaper by making them smaller. Users won’t have to include new scripts in each transaction as they can interact with a script by referencing it.

Collateral Output will improve the transaction validation process with enough collateral to complete a transaction. This means that users will no longer lose their collateral if a transaction should fail.


All these CIPs aim to improve Plutus’s performance and make Cardano more efficient while allowing its apps to execute faster when the hard fork is complete.

Retail interest in Cardano rises

Data from IntoTheBlock shows that retail investors in Cardano have increased by close to 190% within the last 30 days. They have been holding the digital token for less than a month. 

@Cardano retail interest is rapidly increasing.

The balance held by traders – addresses holding for <30 days, has increased by 186% in just 30 days.

These addresses now collectively hold 36.14% of the $ADA supply.

— IntoTheBlock (@intotheblock) May 4, 2022

Users holding ADA for at least one year increased over 6%, while those holding ADA between a month to 12 months increased over 10% on a monthly basis.

All of this shows that interest in Cardano is rising amongst crypto enthusiasts. The blockchain has been one of the most active networks in recent months as it has over 900 projects which are currently building on it.


Key takeaways from BlockDown Croatia 2022



Key takeaways from BlockDown Croatia 2022

Guest Post › Croatia› Web3

Here’s what you should know from Blockdown Croatia 2022, encompassing topics from DAOs and DeFi, to Metaverse and NFT’s

5 min read

Updated: May 16, 2022 at 10:24 pm

Cover art/illustration via CryptoSlate

BlockDown Conference, in the beautiful Croatian city of Sibenik, covered topics from NFTs to DeFI, from gaming to DAOs and presented protocols from all blockchain spectrum: Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos and beyond.


  • Crypto tokens found applications not only in art, finance & payments, gaming or social participation, but also sparked utilization of goodness.
  • NFTs and metaverse are a new economy with play-to-earn, NFTs renting or NFT-auth. NFTs worth $160 million disappear every year.
  • #EthereumKillersRace is heating up with Moonbeam (on Polkadot) and Evmos (on Cosmos) opening new scalability and interoperability frontiers.
  • A good time will not last forever. Raise more money than needed.
  • Mass adoption is simple. Ask degens for crypto advice.

Introduction: Token Utilisation

There are plenty of tokens (sometimes called coins): crypto-currencies, stablecoins, NFTs, … What is the purpose of so many tokens?

  1. Utilization of finance & payment

    This is what Satoshi proposed in his famous whitepaper — a payment system without an intermediary (such as banks) and called this network— Bitcoin.

    With Ethereum enabling smart contacts, DeFi started (and eliminated of any form of intermediaries in any kind of financial service)
  2. Utilization of Art & Beauty

    Artists from all over the world via the NFTs marketplace get immediate access to a global audience in day 0. Art — social and democratized.
  3. Utilization of Social Participation

    Who hasn’t heard about DAOs — decentralized anonymous organization. Having a (democratic) organization hasn’t been easier in history.
  4. Utilization of Experimentation & Gaming

    Play-to-end or NFT-authentication to gaming.
  5. Utilization of Ethics & Goodness

    NFT-artists buying NFTs of new-comments to support them, devs from any chains and protocols sharing their hands-on experience with anybody … blockchain brought back the generosity… Huge thanks to @sreyeMnayR for pointing this out!

NFTs and metaverse…

Metaverse is much more than just logging with NFT to a game hosted on AwS. It was never easier to build a new on-chain game. with its framework is here to help. And when you need to borrow NFT, go to reNFT.

Watch out — NFTs worth millions disappear every year

Blockchain is famous for keeping the full history of each transaction from its beginning — the genesis block — until today. Actually, each blockchain node is storing this history. How is it then possible that every year NFTs worth over $160mn disappear?

Storing data in the blockchain is expensive. NFTs solve this problem by storing in the blockchain only an absolute minimum of information — link to the meta-file, which is somewhere (in the cloud) outside of blockchain. Those metafiles contain more NTF-related information such as link to files with media. Those media files are stored in distributed or non-distributed files storage system. Everything in this process can go wrong:

  • lost metafile from the cloud server
  • lost media files from the file storage system

Most insecure are NFTs, which store media in the (centralized) file storage systems. Luckily, Top Dog Studios, co-founded by Paul, is here to help you if your NFT was lost.

Ethereum Killers race speeds up

How to scale up your protocol? How to avoid congestions on Ethereum? One option is to go for L2s on Ethereum (listed here), sidechains (EVM-compatible chains), or build a new L1. Thanks to Polkadot and Cosmos building L1 never has been easier.

Polkadot vs Cosmos

Who will be the Ethereum Killers? Polkadot or Cosmos? Both ecosystems have EVM-compatible chains — Moonbeam and Acala on Polkadot and Evmos on Cosmos.

  • Polkadot and Cosmos are L0 solutions that allow for easy development of new L1 chains (no more forks!).
  • Both Polkadot and Cosmos allow L1 chains to re-use their consensus mechanism and to easily communicate with other chains within the ecosystem.
  • The major difference is that parachains (Polkadot L1) re-use also Polkadot validators and need to win so call auction slots to be connected to the Polkadot relay chain.
  • In the case of Cosmos, there is no relay chain nor any other major chain in the ecosystem. However, each L1 must have each own validators.

Other challengers for Smart Economy— Neo

Neo is an L1 blockchain that proposed a new smart economy that aligns value creation & value capture. Thank you @Lili_zurich for highlighting it.

DeFi going mainstream

Bridging the gap between Degens and Regulator

  • Degens are early adopters of an experimental financial system whose risk-taking battle tests new distributed software systems and economic mechanisms.
  • In other words, degens are crypto veterans that always stay on top of the latest techs, make incredible yields (often more than 100% or even 1000% p.a.), and can easily distinguish between real crypto break-through and scum.
  • Degens are breaking and battle testing a new DeFi frontier for everyone
  • Regulators still see DeFi as a casino.

Thank you, Zaki (of Sommelier Finance) for summarizing it so well!

DAO and VC in Web3


Piece of advice for Web3 founders from the VC panel

  • The good times will not last forever. How will first-time founders react when things go south?

    -> Raise more money than needed.
  • You compete with Bank of America and other giants.
  • 1+1 > 2

    -> Team with excellence in various areas can do more
  • Best founders make hard (often difficult, as team-related) decisions fast.
  • To incubate or not to incubate? I personally did Google Campus incubator with my first start-up in Web2. For a techy, it was a great experience, as I learned what CRM or sales funnel is and why tech start-up needs sales and marketing ;).

    -> Incubators are good for first-time founders.

Piece of advice for Web3 founders from the DAO panel

  • Mass adoption is simplicity
  • We are in try and error phase of DAOs
  • Don’t start from scratch. Fork, enhance, succeed!
  • DAO has the unique ability to align all stakeholders to go in a common direction
  • Bring incentives not only for the community but also for devs

Closing Thoughts with Luna/Terra in the back

Web3 is already here with its new smart economy and makes unbelievable possible. It is easy to get lost in the flow of innovation and becomes more important than ever to get advice for crypto professionals, especially in the situations like Luna/Terra crash. Degens are here to help. And platforms like Sommelier or Yanus Protocol find degens for you.

Follow me on Twitter for the latest news:

Guest post by Chris Gogol from Yanus Protocol

Learn more →

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Why this crypto event on the Adriatic coast will be unlike all others



Why this crypto event on the Adriatic coast will be unlike all others


The upcoming BlockDown event will be unlike all others.

4 min read

Updated: April 23, 2022 at 2:36 pm

Cover art/illustration via CryptoSlate

Set to begin on May 11th, BlockDown Croatia will be the world’s first NFT-enabled Web3 festival. The successor of the hugely popular BlockDown events, this year’s conference will take place in the sunny Croatian town of Šibenik, where attendees will gather to listen to dozens of speakers talking about the future of the web3 industry.

However, there’s much more to BlockDown Croatia than just panels.


On that note, Erhan Korhaliller, the founder of BlockDown Festival, EAK Digital, and Istanbul Blockchain Week said:

“BlockDown Croatia is a hotspot for creativity, technical innovation, and Web3 culture all wrapped into one stunning location. At BlockDown, we’re pushing the limits of merging both the physical and virtual worlds,”

Here’s what you can expect from the upcoming three-day event.


BlockDown Croatia won’t be all work and no play. Between May 11th and May 13, guests will attend three extravagant parties—one in an exclusive beach club hosted by popular NFT party brand Party Degenerates, another in the ‘cyber city’ featuring augmented reality face masks and the other in the historic St Michaels Fortress overlooking the entire town of Šibenik.

To take a break from the daily gatherings on Šibenik’s beaches, guests will be able to hop on daily boat tours and take part in partying off the shore. Guests with VVIP passes will be able to join an exclusive catamaran sailing experience and attend one of the several private parties that will take place during the three-day event.

Owners of the increasingly popular Kusama Kings NFT collection will gain access to an exclusive private lunch and get the chance to participate in the Kings ecosystem in person.

A map of Šibenik with some of the locations of BlockDown Croatia events


To live up to its name as a Web3 festival, BlockDown Croatia will feature multiple interactive art exhibitions.

The highlight of the event will be an interactive NFT gallery, where attendees will be able to interact with over 40 screens to personalize the performance space. Several augmented-reality (AR) art displays will also take place during the event, as well as virtual reality (VR) activations of various exhibitions.

Guests will be able to see artists paint murals in person and interact with other attendees during the live event.



Keeping in line with its NFT theme, BlockDown Croatia will feature multiple workshops such as a  workshop in partnership with Moonbeam. Development executives from Moonbeam will discuss launching NFT dApps on Moonbeam, an Ethereum-compatible and interoperable environment in Polkadot. Another workshop explores our impact on the environment allowing attendees to calculate their own carbon footprint, of their travel and crypto wallets and how many trees they will have to plant in their lifetime to not only become carbon neutral: but carbon regenerative.


Attendees will be able to hear dozens of speakers deeply involved with the crypto and Web3 space. The speakers, ranging from influencers and heads of community to business executives and founders, all share a common trait—being on the front line of Web3 development.

Other leaders from the worlds of sports, art, fashion, and music will also be attending, sharing their views on how Web3 can be integrated into different industries.

An interactive game

To make BlockDown even more interesting, an NFT-based RPG game has been built into the festival. As tickets for the event are sold in the form of NFTs, the more guests engage with the festival the higher they’ll rank up the leaderboard. At the end of the three-day event, those ranking the highest can expect to receive special prizes.

Both the festival’s organizers and its attendees have high expectations for the event.

“BlockDown Festival is like no other event I have worked on or seen in the web3 space,” Korhaliller told CryptoSlate.

He explained that the interactive nature of the festival was an attempt to keep up with the relentless pace of innovation associated with Web3. Back in 2020, BlockDown was the first live virtual Web3 event hosted in the metaverse. Korhaliller noted that the festival made its mark in the industry by bringing metaverse events to the mainstream, which is why he hopes that BlockDown Croatia will have a similar impact on the events industry with its first IRL festival experience.

“BlockDown Croatia will allow people to meet one another in a more authentic and natural way, rather than your typical 60 seconds business card pitch,” Korhaliller told CryptoSlate. “I expect deeper,  meaningful relationships to be built between attendees as they enjoy the unique venues and experiences that we have in store for them.”

For more information, visit


Disclaimer: CryptoSlate is a media partner for BlockDown.

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Floyd Mayweather to fight Don Moore in the world’s first-ever NFT sports event in Dubai



Floyd Mayweather to fight Don Moore in the world’s first-ever NFT sports event in Dubai

U.A.E.› NFTs

The worlds first NFT pay-per-view boxing match is taking place in Dubai, and it features two undefeated boxers, Floyd Mayweather and Don Moore.

1 min read

Updated: April 23, 2022 at 4:24 am

Cover art/illustration via CryptoSlate

The world’s first-ever non-fungible token (NFT) sporting event will take place in Dubai at the Burj al-Arab. The event will feature a boxing match between Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and ‘Dangerous’ Don Moore, Global Titans Fight Series said via their Twitter account.

Global Titans Dubai! Floyd Mayweather VS Don Moore live from the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah helipad. Don’t miss your livestream NFT on Rarible and be a part of sporting history! #NFT #Nftnews #boxin #boxingnews #rarible

— Global Titans Fight Series (@GlobalTitansFS) April 22, 2022


The event will feature an exclusive live-streamed pay-per-view for NFT ticket holders, allowing fans to watch the event online on May 14. Viewers will also get access to a unique Global Titans NFT ticket.

NFT owners will also be able to access limited edition 3D collectibles, unique video material, and official media files from the event’s opening night.

Via the use of NFT technology customers can be offered additional features like future access, incentives, and awards, all of which may increase the value of ownership long after the event has occurred.

Viewing the live event requires no passwords or access codes. Instead, owners of the ticker NFTs need to link their crypto wallets (i.e MetaMask) to the platform, and access is provided instantly.

Ahead of the event, two Global Titans NFT tickets are currently available for purchase on Rarible.

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